Nature & excursions

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Consdorf is located in the heart of Luxembourg's little Switzerland. You can explore the fascinating rocky landscape on foot or by bike.

On the Mullerthal Trail Route 2 and on the various local circular hiking trails that extend around Consdorf, you experience an adventurous journey over tricky steps, through narrow crevices, along refreshing streams, to picturesque views.

Nature & Excursions

Park & hike

There are parking spaces at the following locations in the municipality of Consdorf as starting points for various hikes:

  • Camping La Pinède, 33, rue Buergkapp (starting point for C1, C5, C6, AP Consdorf-Mullerthal, Fred-Welter-path)
  • Moulin de Consdorf, 1, rue des Moulins (starting point for C1, C2, C5, AP Consdorf-Mullerthal, nature trail Joffer Margot , Mullerthal Trail Route 2)
  • Old train station in Consdorf, route de Luxembourg (starting point for C2, C3, C4)
  • Center polyvalent Kuerzwénkel in Consdorf, 19 rue de Berdorf (starting point for the Joffer Margot nature trail)
  • Church in Scheidgen, 24, route d'Echternach (starting point for C4, C7, AP Scheidgen, Mullerthal Trail Route 2, Fred-Welter-Path)